Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Gati Cargo Movers is a service-oriented organisation. We deal and are deeply rooted in our customers’ mind for the last several years for our transparency. So we maintain a strong privacy policy altogether.

Information Types: Many times we gather some details from our customers. Like names, phone numbers, email addresses. They come from the queries made on our website, phone calls, transactions made and many other ways. Otherwise, IP address, cookies omnipresent in the time of you access our site. These pieces of information help us to create a database of the peoples who are seeking our help.

Collection Methods: We receive such information in many ways. When someone opens our website and go through it, or made a phone call at our 24 X 7 helpline. We have the live-chat option also on our website. Gati Cargo Movers make contracts with the multinationals while office relocation. From there we get the details of the corporate.

Use of the Information: Every time we take consent from the customer before any information. Customers are open to their willingness to give their details. We do hosting of the website of our won. Hence no question arises for the pilfering of data. The maximum tenure of storing them is one year as it is a continuous process and addition is there every day.

Change in Policy: If any change occurs in our privacy policy we readily inform it to our customers via email. We are transparent always to out clients to value their trust. They have every authority to ask us for any correction or remove of the same.

Storing of Information: We never share our database by any means. It is used by Gati Cargo Movers. We preserve every information of a single user with precise security.