Our Services

Household Shifting

Home relocation is something crucial as the emotion of customers are very much attached to it. A household comprises of various kind of materials from solid to fragile. We take care of every individual item to move with proper packing. As per the item to pack we use various materials like cardboard, wooden box, shock-absorbing materials etc. We are experienced in this area for the last several years and always growing with the learnings from the challenges we faced. Based on that we arrange training to our professionals. We have well-trained packers, lifters, supervisors to make the hilarious job smoothly.

Vehicle Shifting

Gati Cargo Movers is reliable and smart in the world of Packers and Movers. It has gathered its fame for its good track record in the previous years. It is a well-versed name in the area of car relocation. We know a personal vehicle, whether it is two or four-wheelers, is very dear to a customer. For a short distance, you can drive the car. But when it is interstate or international relocation, it may seem troublesome to a customer. Here we guarantee scratch-free delivery. With the help of own containers and other modern pieces of equipment, we do it in a better way.

International Shifting

Packing and moving in the time of relocation is all time headache to an individual. When it is international relocation it generates more stress. Bixmove has made it simple and hassle-free for the last couple of years. We are eager to assist our customers in every step of their international relocation. We offer pocket-friendly rates also guide them to reduce the expenditure.

Storage and Warehousing

Keeping the need of storing in mind, we established world-class warehousing and storage facility either for a short or a long period storage requirement. With every branch of us, we possess warehouses which are widely laid out for systematic storage. They are well tagged for easy identification and placed to store at the priority of delivery basis. They are made fireproof with modernised methods. With these, we have adequate parking space for the vehicles to relocate along with the other normal household and office goods.