Warehousing Services

Transportation services have always been there but now they are expanding and taking its shape as a Gati Cargo Movers & Packer, which are moderately well-known and efficient in providing excellent warehouse Service in Ahmedabad. Along with taking up packing and unpacking services and loading and unloading services, we also provide WarehousingServices. Today transportation are not restricted to only transportation services but are spreading its boundaries into the field of logistics solutions, WarehousingServices, domestic transportation, and door-to-door delivery services and so on.

Gati Cargo Movers & Packer now a day is offering warehousing and godown services for all type of goods such as Household Goods, Industrial Goods, Commercial Goods, Office Goods and Domestic Goods. The main purpose of WarehousingServices deals with logistics, transportation, road transportation and shipping services. For this Gati Cargo Movers & Packer hold a sizeable warehouse that can easily contain the need of small as well as big business houses. Gati Cargo Movers & Packer have experience warehousing personnel for stocking and handling different types of commercial and industrial goods for the desired period of time.

Our warehouse is very huge here we can store anything of any sort of weight/ size. We provide warehouse services, WarehousingServices, warehousing and distribution services, warehouse storage services and warehousing logistics services. Our skilled, covered and steadfast effort for cargo managing and warehousing /storage services with complete safety measures and whether managing system, which help us in securing your goods from damage. At the time of transportation of consignment for long distance, it is crucial to make all the supplies for protected and sheltered storage. If the goods are of valuable in nature then it becomes essential to make perfect arrangement for their well being. For satisfying both the features, we have sufficient potential in our company. We have modern storage space with the provision of the correct inventory system.

Gati Cargo Movers & Packer offer warehouse and storage facilities for temporarily holding your goods in a safe environment during transit. We have numbers of well-managed warehouses and stores on different locations where people can store their variety of stuffs without any trouble. We store anything from large industrial machines, imported goods to household items in our warehouses. People who don’t want to shift their entire stuffs at once can store some of their stuffs at these warehouses. We have large spacious store houses dedicated to inventory management and warehousing of various household goods. Our warehouses equipped with standard racking are clean, well-marked with better protection arrangement of client’s critical inventory.

Gati Cargo Movers & Packer also provide shipping services for storage at the economical rates. The warehouses can be used by clients for storing their goods in case the destinations where they need to be delivered are not ready. We will collect your stuffs and store them at the warehouse of your choice and deliver to the desired address on your demands. Our expert employees also perform complete inspection of stored goods on regular time interval to ensure their well being. For safety of clients goods security professionals are also available at all these warehouses round the clock.

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